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Developing solutions that make the difference

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Access Controls

We design wide feature systems, to control and register for various access levels.

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Smart Illumination

We create lighting systems to shine

your brand and building look.

Our systems supports for extreme energy saving



Enhance your systems to be localized, accessed or managed in any part of the world.

Access Controls

Developing solutions that make the difference

Turnstile contactless

Includes all capabilities to avoid any contact for its operation.
Ideal for VIP rooms or entrances that requires an excellent appearance.

Arm Turnstile 

System to block, control and access count through stainless steel arms.

Supports personal identification by contactless card.

Control access barrier 

The most robust system to control vehicular access, with reduced maintenance intervals.

Supports contactless validation system.

Access restriction with biometric data

We develop platforms to validate distributed access permissions with fingerprints, passwords or identification cards.


Smart illumination

Developing solutions that make the difference


Environmental lighting

We design lighting systems to maximize power throughput and illumination efficiency.

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Advertising lighting systems

We design the most attractive lighting posters for advertisement and signage, with the most energy efficiency.

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Developing solutions that make the difference


Global positioning system

Add global tracking information to the solution you are looking for

Internet connectivity

Connect your system to the internet giving the capability to control, store and receive data remotely all over the world. 

Contactless identification over mobile phone by NFC technology

We fusion contactless NFC technology over mobile phones to eliminate personal identification cards

Identification over contactless cards (NFC)

NFC technology makes possible to control gates or transaction of information with a personal card

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